Get used to it, bullied boy told

A MUM who has been forced to watch her young son be tormented by bullies for the past two years said she is tired of being ignored by school authorities.

The woman, who did not wish to be named, said the bullying began when her now eight-year-old son was in Year 1 and he had been pushed down stairs, kicked in the stomach, punched, taunted and teased.

Searching for help, the woman reached out to the Warwick primary school authorities but was shocked to hear them tell her son to get used to the bullying.

"(The authority figure) said to (the child) one day 'you're a big boy like your dad, you're always going to be big and you have to deal with the cards you've been dealt'," the mother said.

"I tell my kids they can be anything they want to and do anything they want to, they just have to work hard."

The woman said her "soft-hearted" son was hurt by the same group of children at least twice a month and all she wanted was for the parents of the other children to be made aware of what was going on.

Despite her pleas, she said the school had failed to act and inform the parents involved.

She said her son felt alone as he walked through the school gate and she had taken to asking other parents to see if their children could keep an eye on the boy in the playground.

"Some days it's a fight to get him dressed and in the car and he says 'no mummy, I don't want to go today' - he is a bawling mess," she said.

"It is completely heartbreaking and it's made worse to see him come home injured again and feeling like nobody cares.

"I have seen the look on his face when I take him to school and he looks around to see if someone who has been giving him trouble is around."

The woman said she felt so ignored in her plight that she has had to take matters to a higher level.

"(The child's) dad contacted the Education Queensland and it seems they take bullying a lot more seriously than the school and are investigating it," she said.

"I thought there was a strict no-bullying policy at that school but they just watch my son get bullied and don't do anything about it."

The mother said the only staff member to reach out to her child and try to solve the problem had been his teacher.

Education Queensland will respond in tomorrow's edition.

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