ON YOUR GAME: Zero Latency has opened a new gaming arena in Brisbane.
ON YOUR GAME: Zero Latency has opened a new gaming arena in Brisbane.

Gaming goes to another level

IF fighting hordes of zombies, solving complex puzzles or exploring space stations tickles your fancy, have we got the summer holiday adventure for you.

Virtual reality gaming experience outfit Zero Latency has opened its second Australian gaming arena and this time they've chosen Brisbane.

At $66 for 30 minutes per person, the "epic-scale free-roam multiplayer virtual reality" experience could be a great holiday option for anyone who likes to shoot things with their mates.

The impressive tech-packed Newstead arena is a just a hop, skip and jump from the Brisbane CBD.

While parking is limited, there are paid options a short stroll from the venue and there's also a nice little cafe next door and other eateries nearby.

The Zero Latency experience is targeted at people over 13 years old.

There are three gaming options - Zombie Survival (a classic shoot 'em up); Singularity, a space station-based free-roaming experience; and Engineerium - a family-friendly puzzle game.

The 400sqm gaming arena is big enough to accommodate 16 players at any time.

The arena floor is marked out in squares while electronics and lights criss-cross the ceiling.

An impressive gaming terminal takes pride of place at the front of the arena where a game master controlled the action and ensures everyone plays safe.

Before you join the fun, a super friendly Zero Latency guide walks you through the gaming process.

This includes a quick health and safety briefing with special consideration given to women who are expecting.

Because there are no strobe lighting effects, the experience can be enjoyed by people with epilepsy.

The briefing take as about five minutes then you're loaded up with a backpack containing a state-of-the-art Alienware laptop that has enough power under its lid to render a smooth semi-realistic gaming environment.

Weighing around 3kg, the kit contains an Oculus Rift VR headset that's central to your experience and headphones with microphone to communicate with other players.

While the equipment is impressive it's the games - and the chance to team up with your friends - that make the experience worthwhile.

Zombie Survival is a simple horror game. Your team is trapped in a fort and zombie chaos is happening all around you. A rescue team is on its way but you have to keep the zombie hordes at bay help arrives. You use your gun for everything including killing enemies and rebuild barriers. You can shoot at fuel and gas cans for deadly explosions. You earn points with the highest scores awarded for head kills.

In Singularity, you and your team investigate a military research space station where the only signs of life are automatons. You have to fight off robots, killer drones and gun turrets as you explore the corridors and lifts. You need to match weapon modes - scatter, beam, pulse rifle, or rail gun - with the correct enemy ebfore you can kill them. Holding the gun sideways deploys a force shield that protects you from enemy fire.

Engineerium is a "walking adventure and puzzle experience" set on an "ancient alien world" suspended above an ocean. Gravity turns the world upside down and inside out as flying whales and parrot fish fly by. You have to connect platforms before you can progress through the puzzle. This game features colourful characters and cheery music You need to work with your team to win the game.

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