JJ Richards and Sons 2017 Stanthorpe Show, Friday February 3 2017.
JJ Richards and Sons 2017 Stanthorpe Show, Friday February 3 2017. Liana Turner

Gallery: Crowds descend on Stanthorpe Show

IT WAS a scorcher, but that didn't keep the crowds away from the first day of the JJ Richards and Sons 2017 Stanthorpe Show.

Speaking at the official opening on Friday afternoon, Stanthorpe Agricultural Society president Brett Boatfield said he was pleased with the show so far.

"It is such an amazing event,” Mr Boatfield said.

He thanked all of the committees for their work in making the show possible, and those who had ensured the grounds were in top shape ahead of the event.

"There's a hell of a lot of dedicated people involved in putting these events on,” Mr Boatfield said.

"We thank you for your great effort and look forward to your continued support.”

He said infrastructure upgrades had also been a boost to this year's show.

"The environment pavilion looks a treat, our main bar has just been fully renovated by our Lions Club members,” he said.

"These are great buildings and I enjoyed them as a kid... so to restore these buildings is such a great thing for the society, and you, to enjoy for many years to come.”

Southern Downs MP Lawrence Springborg, who officially opened the show, said this would likely be his final Stanthorpe Show as the region's Member of Parliament.

Along with the committees involved with the show, Mr Springborg acknowledged the efforts of this year's Showgirls.

"They have done a fantastic job,” he said.

"They've been absolutely outstanding and they are wonderful ambassadors on behalf of your community.”

Mr Springborg recalled his first Stanthorpe Show as a newly-elected MP some 27 years ago.

"I had all that optimism and that enthusiasm that I still have today, and the reason I have that is when I look around and I see the culture of this community and I see events such as this which is so critically important to your community... it gives me enormous enthusiasm,” Mr Springborg said.

"But rarely can I say I've seen things looking as good as they do here today.

"We have amazing facilities... and through this show is the culture of your community. It has been for 141 shows and it will be for many shows in the future.”

Maranoa MP David Littleproud also spoke at the official opening of the show and commended the work of the committees.

"These things don't just happen,” Mr Littleproud said.

"It takes a lot of work and a lot of dedication by a lot of people and I encourage you not to take that for granted.

"Your presence here... gives those people the encouragement to keep making sure they make your show better each year.”

Mr Littleproud thanked Mr Springborg for his contribution to the Southern Downs over the past 27 years, as this was likely to be the state member's final Stanthorpe Show in his current role.

A highlight of the day was a visit from LifeFlight's rescue helicopter, to help promote the charity cattle and merchandise auction held on the day.

This raised tens of thousands of dollars for the cause.

The show continues on Saturday and Sunday. For more information visit stanagsociety.com.au.

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