FRESH OUTLOOK: Stanthorpe Regional Art Gallery director Mary Findlay is excited about  the 2019 exhibits.
FRESH OUTLOOK: Stanthorpe Regional Art Gallery director Mary Findlay is excited about the 2019 exhibits. Contributed

Gallagher, Lavender and Blackman to be shown

EVERY new exhibition completely transforms the Stanthorpe Regional Art Gallery and brings a fresh change to what is on offer.

Thanks to the committed and professional changeover team, the gallery has two new exhibitions to showcase.

Encounters on the Road to Shangri La, from Martin Gallagher, and Three Windows to my Life, by Fay Lavender, as well as works from the Stanthorpe Regional Art Gallery collection are now on display.

"Gallagher is a driven artist,” gallery director Mary Findlay said.

"During his early days there were many obstacles to fulfilling his passion and creativity.

His commitment to his art has been rewarded with numerous awards and prizes.

"Martin's work is exciting different and has thematic assemblies tell a story of his experiences and give the audience a glimpse into the portal of his imagination.

"An individual who always painted, he was driven to make sense of his experiences by painting, drawing and creating. Encounters on the Road to Shangri La is all of that.

"He capitalised on his insomnia and found his muse in the early hours and his encounters with the light of the full moon,” Ms Findlay said.

Fay Lavender is from Alice Springs, when she grew up there it was a very small town. Her father was a prospector and she lived much of her youth in the bush.

"Their family holidays were sometimes spent on their Uncle Willy's station, Todd River Downs,” Ms Findlay said.

"Taken out to the edge of the Simpson Desert, she saw paintings never seen by white folks.

"The McDonald Ranges had an enormous effect on Fay, with the changing colours, depending on the light and weather, soft pinks, purples, blues and oranges.

"All these experiences made her determined to capture the colours but more importantly her Aboriginal culture.

"The love of her land, the animals and beauty of the McDonald Ranges have influenced her art and stayed with Fay all her life.”

SRAG complemented each of these artists with choices from its extensive and beautiful ceramic collection.

A complementary exhibit will be Figures, Flowers and Full Moon by Charles Blackman. Blackman is one of Australia's most notorious artists who passed away in 2018.


What: Exhibitions from Martin Gallagher and Fay Lavender

When: January 10- February 17. Opening night January 11, from 6pm

Where: Stanthorpe Regional Art Gallery

Contact: 46811874

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