Fraudsters spend up on credit card

A WARWICK woman, who had $1500 charged to her credit card by fraudsters over the weekend, has warned people to be vigilant.

The local resident said credit card skimming was no foreign concept and all should be aware of the possibility.

"You never think it is ever going to happen to you," she said.

"We were contacted by our bank on Sunday to say someone in Victoria had made several charges totalling $1500 to our MasterCard.

"The actual credit card never left our hands, so the phone call was the first we knew about the fraud," she said.

She said in the days immediately prior to the incident she had used the credit card at several local businesses.

"It's a real concern, because it makes you question how safe it is to use credit cards or EFTPOS systems," she said.

"My only advice is keep a close eye on your accounts and use every safety option available."

NAB Agribusiness manager Paul Swift said although there were a lot of protection measures in place, customers should still be very aware of fraudsters.

"Try not to let anyone else take your card, don't share your pin or bank account numbers and be vigilant of anything that doesn't seem right," Mr Swift said.

Banks regularly monitor customer spending behaviour to determine when a suspicious case has arisen.

Mr Swift urged anyone who thought they had been a victim of fraud or was suspicious about their bank statements, to contact their financial institution immediately.

Mr Swift also warned about email scams where fraudsters pose as banks and ask for information via email.

"Don't ever respond to these emails or click any links," Mr Swift said.

"The banks will never contact you by email."

It is the second time in as many months a local has fallen victim to this form of fraud, generally known as credit card skimming.

In October another Southern Downs woman reported losing $2000 in a similar scenario.

She said since the incident she had become so concerned about the integrity of online and EFTPOS systems she had taken to using cash withdrawn over-the-counter from her bank.


Preventing bank fraud

  • Keep an eye on your card at all times.
  • Do not share pins or bank details.
  • Report if anything does not seem right.
  • Never reply to emails from the bank.
  • Do not click on any links in bank emails.
  • Check statements regularly.

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