Four giant snakes found fighting in family's roof

Some of the snakes found in a Cairns roof
Some of the snakes found in a Cairns roof

A BRAWLING gang of four enormous pythons have been yanked out of a Cairns roof, terrifying all of us.

The residents contacted Cairns Snake Removals after hearing some noises coming from their roof space.

Snakes found in a Cairns roof
Snakes found in a Cairns roof Cairns Snake Removals

"They described it as if the roof was about to collapse in," the company wrote on its Facebook.

 "When I got up into the roof, that's when I saw 2 large Scrub pythons, one about 4m and the other about 4.5m brawling away.

"There was also 2 smaller ones about 2.5m and 3m watching on. It is not uncommon to see multiple snakes like this up in roof spaces this time of year.

"During breeding season, which is now, male Scrub pythons can get quite aggressive towards each other over breeding rights.

"Sometimes to the point of biting into the back of each others necks. along with a lot of twisting and thrashing about.

"You can imagine the sounds coming from your roof space with all of this going on."

Another view of the snakes found in a Cairns roof
Another view of the snakes found in a Cairns roof Cairns Snake Removals

The wranglers warned that when it comes to any snake, leave it to the professionals to handle.


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