More witnesses testify at inquest

UPDATE: THE Queensland Coroners Court has heard four witnesses so far today in the inquest into the highway crash that killed four Warwick residents in 2008.

Leah Reeves fronted the court earlier this morning to recount her run-in with Brett Mckenzie and Abby Ezzy on the night of the horrific accident.

She recalled seeing the crushed sedan in a car impound lot on McEvoy St the day after the accident, reminding her that she had seen the vehicle at the service station in which she was working the night before.

The magistrate then called Ms Reeves' then partner David Moore to court to corroborate her statement.

Another witness to testify, Daryl John Frans, was driving behind the truck involved in the accident.

The court heard Mr Frans had pulled over his truck when he saw the accident ahead and got out to calm the truck driver.

"He was shook up alright," Mr Frans said.

"All he said was 'the car was across the road in front of me and I hit it'."

One Wynnum man, who was traveling in front of the vehicles involved in the accident, Trevor Graham, said he had noticed a small vehicle behind him moments prior to the crash.

"It was that close (to me) at one stage I couldn't see the headlights," Mr Graham said.

He said the vehicle, allegedly occupied by Mckenzie, Ezzy, Max Thorley and Nick Nolan, then backed away from his car and stopped on the road.

"It slowed, indicated to go left as if to pull off on the side of the road, then it turned sharply to the right and stopped in the middle of the road," Mr Graham said.

"It was that moment I saw the truck hit it."

Both Mr Graham and Mr Frans told the court the truck driver did not visibly appear intoxicated or under the influence of drugs.

The court is now hearing from Constable Grant Prendergast, a Warwick police officer who attended the scene of the accident.

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