ARTY: Chanda-Mai Glikson is hoping to release a range of her creations to the wider public.
ARTY: Chanda-Mai Glikson is hoping to release a range of her creations to the wider public. Matthew Purcell

Finding the beauty in everything

WITH inspiration and a little guidance from family, an emerging artist has set about forging an art path all of her own.

Chanda-Mai Glikson can always remember being creative. Her dad, John, was a portrait painter, her aunty is a professional artist and her other aunty was a professional contemporary dancer.

Art was thrust upon her from a young age, but she embraced it. She's recently created a series of origami calendars and gift cards and is looking at further ways to expand her passion. "When I first started making origami it was as a hobby. I was probably in Year 5 and I was in my class and I seemed to be better than everyone at it.

"I remember for our art lessons everyone was getting confused on how to make a seal and how to do the head and the neck but I'd be sitting there like 'yes, I did it',” Chanda-Mai said.

The family recently relocated to Stanthorpe from Goulburn. Her dad has been aiding his daughter throughout the marketing process to date.

"Me and my dad were looking at a way to display the work and at first we did gift cards. I'm looking forward to creating a postcard too. "My dad has this calendar that a girl made so we got an idea to do one too. We thought well we'll put it in a calendar and market it. "I like the idea of how a square or rectangle piece of paper can turn into an animal or something cool.”

Not only is she good with paper, she's a skilled violinist and is teaching herself piano as well.

The Year 9 Stanthorpe State High student loves art, but has other aspirations of university. In time she's hoping she can find local avenues to sell and market her work.

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