Maydan Feedlot at Bony Mountain
Maydan Feedlot at Bony Mountain John Towells

Field day at Maydan Feedlot

EVER wondered what it takes to produce a prize-winning beef carcass?

Cattle enthusiasts can find out how at the third annual Pacific Beef Carcase Competition Mid Term Field Day on Thursday.

Hosted by Primex at Maydan Feedlot, this year's 70 day MSA Class competition has featured 17 teams of four head taking to the field.

Coming from Emu Creek, Queensland, and across New South Wales, the 17 teams represent nine cattle breeds and cross breeds.

The mid term field day will mark 43 days since the competition started, and will allow the public and competitors to view the cattle and receive general information on their performance.

Maydan Pastoral Co managing director Geoff Willett said the competition conditions were about equality across the board.

"The cattle are on the feedlot together for that amount of time so they all receive the same growing conditions, making it a totally level playing field," Mr Willett said.

"They are all fed together, transported together and slaughtered together."

The cattle will be judged on a myriad of criteria, Mr Willett said.

"They will be assessed on their performance on the feedlot and once they are slaughtered."

Criteria include feedlot weight gain, carcass quality, carcass yield and eating quality.

The field day will also play host to several guest speakers that include industry renowned names such as Meat and Livestock Australia MSA manager Michael Crowley, Woolworths national livestock manager Brett Thompson, Integrated Animal Production consulting nutritionist Dr John Doyle, AACo Wagyu and Feedlots general manager Greg Gibbons, and Red Meat Advisory Council chairman Ross Keane.

The field day will be held at Maydan Feedlots on the corner of Mountain and TV Repeater Rds, Bony Mountain, at 10am.

The field day is designed to inform and provide leading technologies that will enable the industry's leading cattle producers to be at the cutting edge in terms of their cattle quality.

For more information phone Geoff Willett on 0408 716 960 or email

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