Feeling not so fabulous as body gives out

THERE are times when I just feel old. Ancient, in fact.

Not just because as I pen this week's offering I am sitting in the hairdresser wildly hoping my dear stylist can work a miracle and turn back the clock somewhat - and that's just in hiding my greys.

But, there are days when the slightest thing can make you feel old and decrepit, like the world is against you and my (not that old) 38-year-old body just feels like it has been hit by the proverbial truck.

So, let me set the scene. There I was at a touch carnival for Boy Wonder and I'd been on top of the world.

I was cheering from the sideline, proud as punch and although it was hot - and all of us parents were feeling a bit heat-wearied - we were all having a ball.

So I sat down to catch my breath and enjoy a few moments in the shade, and when I went to get up again, I heard a funny grippy noise then an almighty crack.

Dear reader, I did not swear. Although not even my mother really believed me when I told her that.

But I did cry. It hurt mightily. But that's not why. I was crying tears of disbelief, of lament and well, of humiliation.

I felt so old. And I certainly did not feel fabulous.

The lady next to me rushed to help, bless her.

But when she said: 'Oh, I heard that crack from over here. It really sucks to be getting old, doesn't it?', I reckon that had I been able to move I would have jumped up and slapped her.

But alas, I couldn't; and I didn't.

The knee is fine and after a cry, some ice and a bit of Google-instructed strapping, I was up and cheering and suitably mobile.

And I know the greys will disappear - if only until my next rendezvous with my hairdresser.

But let's face it, better to get old, than not to, right?

And age, as they say, is more a state of mind than necessarily just a number.

So, whatever your age, be fabulous at it. Own it. Embrace it. Love it.

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