Favourite time of year is here

ONLY one more sleep until one of my favourite weekends of the year - yes, it's showtime.

Some of my earliest memories involve attending the Stanthorpe Show and enjoying everything that goes with it.

I think I have only ever missed one show and that was because I was out of the country (and in my books, that only just passes as an excuse).

Obviously, my reasons for loving the show have changed over the years.

During my school years it was all about the rides and the social aspect; when my children were little it was all about the animals and the fireworks, and as the kids got older it was all about making sure they had their artwork and cooking ready in time to enter.

These days I spend all three days covering every single aspect of what makes our show, the first show in Queensland, just so special.

Let's be honest, if there is one thing that the community of Stanthorpe does extremely well (you could almost call us over-achievers in this arena), it is to throw a spectacular event and the show is no exception.

The entire community come together and not only set an extremely high bar for every show that follows but, more importantly, show just what the Stanthorpe community can do - together - and with no help from anyone other than ourselves -our businesses, our agricultural sector, our horticultural sector, our schools, our food outlets, our wineries; we all enter events, donate time, give sponsorship and attend the weekend.

Each year, before the gates even open, I am in awe at the sheer numbers of people who are helping to get this event ready in time.

If our show proves anything, it is that volunteering is not dead in this town, (although we could always do with more) and as a community we can do the impossible.

So, on Friday I encourage you all to make your way to our local show.

And if there any advice I can offer to those of you who will be attending the show for your first time - wear a hat (I learnt the hard way), wear comfortable shoes (again it is a lesson learnt long ago), take your time (there is so much to do and see).

Support this weekend - it really is a display of the very best this region has to offer.

It may be an over-used phrase, but there really is something for everyone.

And lastly (and for me so importantly) be aware you may need to line up for Shannon's hot potato chips (the only time of year when I can honestly say I eat chips for breakfast, lunch and dinner).

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