STRONG BOUT: Ballandean's Rob Coelli attempts to evade Inter's Jordan Lanza in their men's tie on Saturday afternoon.
STRONG BOUT: Ballandean's Rob Coelli attempts to evade Inter's Jordan Lanza in their men's tie on Saturday afternoon. Julie-Ann Spiller

'Fast and furious' men's tussle

INTER V BALLANDEAN: Inter's young Fillies side put on a dazzling display to dismantle their opposition in comfortable fashion.

The home side applied pressure from the outset and showed some great stuffin possession, as wellas staying solid at the back.

Addison Swan, India Poole and Brylie Gow performed well at the back as well as in goal, while Shania Politch and Almari Botha were deadly up front, leading to a 10-1 win.

Saturday was the grand final replay between Inter'sJunior Colts and Ballandean.

Both teams are going through a rebuilding phasethis season, with mostplayers playing competition football for the first time.

The game was a closely fought contest, with only onegoal difference at half-time.

In the second half the contest was again tight and the crowd was on the edge oftheir seats to see if their side could pull off their first win.

Ballandean had their chances in the second half, with several goal attempts that put Inter under pressure.

However great defence and some key saves from thegoalie proved the difference.

In the end Inter was able to prevail with a well-earned 6-4 win.

Inter's Senior Colts came up against a full-strength Ballandean team on Saturday.

The first half was end-to-end football, with both teams having great chances to hit the back of the net.

Ballandean ran away with the win in the last 15 minutes of the game to win 5-1.

The women's match produced a scoreless yet entertaining draw.

Ballandean started confidently moving the ball through the midfield.

Inter held good shape inthe back and tried to release their speedsters in attack.

Ballandean created two excellent chances, being denied only by the good positioning and sharp reactions from the Inter keeper.

Possession ebbed and flowed, with both teams showing hope of a late winner.

The men's game was fast and furious, with Ballandean making the most of their opportunities.

Inter fought hard in a fast start to the game. They created a number of opportunities but struggledto keep the ballaway from the safehands of Jeremy Willoughby.

Ballandean attacked quickly, putting Inter ontheback foot and providing Ballandean the confidence to slow down the play.

In the end the visitors secured a 3-0 win, with thescoreline not necessarilyreflecting thecloseness of the tussle.

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