POPULAR: Channel 7 News presenter Melissa Doyle.
POPULAR: Channel 7 News presenter Melissa Doyle. Geoff Potter

Melissa Doyle talks career at The Ruby Luncheon

MELISSA Doyle was the first journalist to interview Tom Cruise and he wasn't as short as she thought.

Career highlights have included reporting at the Beaconsfield mining disaster; attending Barack Obama's inauguration, the Academy Awards and recently Gallipoli; and reporting on the royal birth.

The former breakfast show co-host and current Seven News presenter was guest speaker at the Westpac-sponsored Ruby luncheon, the first event of the annual Noosa International Food and Wine Festival.

But there was a surprise in store for the hundreds of women and a few men who enjoyed an exquisite lunch presented by chef Nicky Riemer of Union Dining, Melbourne.

They were to find out this 45-year-old journalist, author, radio presenter, mother and wife felt just like one of them.

"My life is no different to you," said the woman who until two years ago, spent 14 years getting up at 3am to ensure she was at work by 4am. Over that period she also had a couple of babies.

During the 14 years Doyle spent on the uber-successful morning show Sunrise with co-host David Koch, "Kochie" to fans, she was able to build a huge profile.

Her departure made big news, focusing on whether she was pushed or simply left of her own accord.

Doyle is definite she made her own decision. Her children were older and it was time to change work hours.

She is now an afternoon news presenter and working on weekend radio. It doesn't see her work less, just fits in with another stage in her life.

Although, she says, there are times when she thinks herself a useless wife, a bad friend and mother.

Most of the time it isn't true, because she works with a great team of her husband, father and a band of girlfriends and together the group keeps it going.

These days she said she doesn't use the word busy: "It's so boring."

She's replaced it with: "Some weeks I'm a little more full up."

Doyle admitted she might have the best job in the world and was using her high profile to support worthy causes.

"I'm not wasting this platform I've been given," she said.

She said her way of championing causes was to: "Put on a frock and MC."

She sticks by the words of former Governor-General Quentin Bryce who said:

"You can have it all - just not all the time."

*The Ruby Luncheon supports Ruby Connection, an interactive online community designed to inspire, promote and connect Australian women no matter what you do or where you are located. www.rubyconnection. com.au

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