Ed Sheeran fans furious as Ticketek fails ... again

ED SHEERAN seems to be music's man of the moment which is probably the reason why thousands of fans are, as of right now, directing all of their fury at Australia's biggest ticketsellers over missing out.

Sheeran announced he was heading down under with his Divide Tour last week with pre-sale tickets going on sale this afternoon - meaning two things were bound to happen.

Firstly, thousands of fans were going to miss out on tickets and then afterwards, they were going to direct all of that anger at Ticketmaster and Ticketek, the companies tasked with selling the tickets.

And, they did not disappoint.

Fans of the British singer have tweeted and Facebook'd their anger all over the two companies blaming everything from poor management to crashing servers for missing out on the coveted tickets.

The social media manager for Ticketek has no doubt had a relatively rough day at work as they were seen frantically trying to calm disgruntled fans on Twitter.

Ticketek attempting to calm angry fans.
Ticketek attempting to calm angry fans. Twitter

And, just like Twitter, plenty of Facebook users were furious about missing out.

"Disgusted is too mild for how I feel about Ticketek dodgy transactions ... (not you Ed, I know it's not your fault!) but I am gutted!" one user wrote while another slammed Ticketmaster, writing "Could've at least given us fair warning the second show pre-sale was going to be today. Turned computer off after giving up on the first show only to see I'd missed out on this announcement. Poor customer service."

Sheeran's post on his own Facebook page about his Australian and New Zealand pre-sale tickets has more than 6,000 comments with most of them raging about missing out.

"What a shame you pre-sale advertise then don't have enough to go round. JUST SELL THEM ALL AT ONCE, stop causing hype. Fans buy & go regardless. SO ANNOYING waste of time," one user wrote.

And, while thousands of fans lament about missing out on tickets, scalpers have already begun selling tickets online.

The controversial reselling site Viagogo are offering hundreds of tickets to the coveted concerts - if you're willing to pay more than three times their original price of course.

Sheeran hasn't toured Australia since March, 2015 where he played arenas around the country.

This time around the Castle singer has upgraded to stadiums - Adele and Justin Bieber have just finished stadium tours in Australia.

Adele's March tour around Australia broke records left, right and centre.

Her second concert at Sydney's ANZ Stadium, where she played for 100,000 fans, was the biggest single concert in Australian history.

Justin Bieber, who toured in the same month as the British singer, played for more than 70,000 at the same venue.

Adele lights up The Gabba as fans shine a phone light for the superstar.
Adele lights up The Gabba as fans shine a phone light for the superstar. Mark Furler

Ed Sheeran has undeniable worldwide popularity but the British singer has especially felt the love from his Australian audience.

His newest album Divide has been No. 1 for almost 10 straight weeks and his single Shape of You beat ABBA earlier this month to become the longest-running No. 1 in Australian chart history.

The Divide tour has already weaved through all of Europe and the UK with Sheeran coming to Australia and New Zealand between March 3 and March 29 next year.

Tickets for the general public go on sale next week on May 23 - a day no doubt Ticketek and Ticketmaster are mentally preparing themselves (and their servers) for.

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