Warwick pooch Six won’t need his ear plugs this New Year’s Eve.
Warwick pooch Six won’t need his ear plugs this New Year’s Eve. Shannon Newley

Dogs celebrate with bark not bang

FOR Rose City pooch Six, the lack of New Year's Eve fireworks in Warwick means tonight has well and truly gone to the dogs.

While the spectacular light shows may delight adults and children alike, the accompanying loud cracks of noise are notorious for inciting fear into hearts of canines, resulting in anything from panicked barking to running away from home.

Even for veteran fireworks spectator Six - who lived in close proximity to Movie World and Dream World and experienced them regularly - the sound of silence tonight will come as a welcome relief.

The fireworks display usually reserved for New Year's Eve will happen on Australia Day instead with the only show in the district tonight happening at Allora.

And while Warwick pooches are celebrating the New Year's reprieve, their human counter parts don't necessarily agree.

When the Daily News hit the streets the majority of people said New Year's Eve was the most fitting celebration for a spectacular show of lights in the night sky.

Dagmar Simon said tonight would be her preferred time to see the sky light up.

"It's tradition. And the fact that Allora are getting fireworks and we're not is a bit unfair," she said.

And Zebb Harting agreed.

"I think they should have them in Warwick for New Year's Eve," he said.

Trish Brown described the lack of fireworks as "slack".

"We have to go out to Allora to see them," she said.

"They should definitely have them here."

Anne Driessen said she didn't really care.

"But New Year's Eve is a more traditional thing for us," she said.

Six's owner and member of Warwick Animal Welfare, Jenny Alker, said while Warwick residents would not have to stress over the wellbeing of their mates for another few weeks, people still needed to be aware of how to prepare their pets.

She advised taking dogs for walks before the show started to tire them out so they would not have pent up energy when the noise kicked-off.

"Don't have dogs outside, secure doors and windows and put them inside in a safe dark room - the laundry or bathroom is ideal," Ms Alker said.

"Have the radio or television on to distance them from the noise and give them a treat."

She said in the event a dog did escape, owners should be prepared by making sure their canine had current identification and was micro chipped.

"And if the fear of loud noises is severe, see your vet," Ms Alker said.

Allora dogs and their owners will need to prepare for this evening's fire works display with the community new year celebration kicking-off at 5pm with the fireworks at 8pm.

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