Doctors now have a good use for selfies: helping sick kids

TAKING a selfie has been given a silly twist, and can now be used for good.

For every 'silly selfie' shared on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #ClowningForKids until Thursday April 2, CommBank will donate $5 to the Clown Doctors.

Why? Because sometimes laughter can be the best medicine.

The Clown Doctors are a not-for-profit organisation that treats children in hospital with a different kind of medicine - doses of fun and laughter.

They bring joy to sick and injured children in every major children's hospital across the country by parodying the hospital routine.

Their humour therapy offers respite for families and plays an integral part in the healing process.

Until April 2, CommBank is aiming to raise $200,000 for the Clown Doctors, so they can continue to put smiles on the faces of sick children and their families.

Long-time Clown Doctor Lou Pollard, AKA Dr Quack, said, "International research has shown the physiological and psychological benefits that laughter brings to patients.

The Clown Doctors use humour to alleviate stress and help hospitalised children and their families cope with difficult situations.

"So next time you snap a selfie, make it silly and add the hashtag #ClowningForKids. That way, CommBank can help us put more smiles on the faces of sick and injured children across Australia," she said.

How to take a 'silly selfie', according to Dr Quack, Clown Doctor:

  • Opt for 'old faithful': When in doubt, start with the 'fish-face', 'tongue-poker-outer' or 'cross-eyed monster'
  • Use a prop: A silly hat or novelty glasses can be all you need to take your selfie from zero to hero.
  • Practice: Play around in front of the mirror to find your best silly face. But remember, sometimes the greatest silly selfies are the unexpected ones, so just get snapping!
  • Enlist some help: Can't think of a good silly selfie? No worries! Use a mobile or desktop app to do it for you. There are a number of apps that will distort your facial features and have you in stitches.
  • Phone a friend: We know that laughter is infectious, so if you're not feeling a solo selfie, grab a friend or two and get snapping! Don't forget that each of your friends can post their own shot with the hashtag #ClowningForKids to raise more money.

CommBank is the founding partner of the Clown Doctors, having supported the organisation for more than 16 years through the Bank's Staff Community Fund. Current and retired staff make regular salary contributions to the Fund, which is matched by CommBank.

As the Clown Doctors receive no government or hospital funding, these contributions - and the money raised through initiatives like #ClowningForKids - are vital to their continued existence.

Pulling a 'silly selfie' not for you? Donations to the Clown Doctors can also be made at any CommBank branch until the end of March or online at

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