Did The Simpsons predict the Ebola outbreak?

WAY back in 1997 an episode of The Simpsons aired where Marge suggests an unwell Bart read a book. The title: Curious George and the Ebola Virus.  

Marge then asks Bart if he wants to do some colouring, he replies that he already has and points to a grim picture showing an apocalypse, blood and bodies everywhere and crying clouds.  


Here are five other occasions when The Simpsons has correctly predicted the future.  

1. Bart's selfie

Before The Queen's famous selfie, and even prior to Ellen de Generes smashing Twitter records with her Oscars group selfie, Bart snuck in a cheeky selfie to a series of photos showing Homer scoffing Marge's chocolate cake.

2. Damn you, autocorrect

Lisa on Ice is an episode that aired in 1994. In it, bully Dolph attempts to type a memo, "Beat up, Martin," on his Apple Newton. However, the device can't decipher his writing and translates the script as "Eat Up, Martha."  

3. Video chat

A few years ago, we had to make do with chatting on the phone without seeing the other person, now video chat is more popular than ever. However, in Lisa's Wedding, a 1995 episode, The Simpsons looks to the future. Lisa and Marge are seen chatting on a phone with a screen attached.  

4. Stones keep touring

Also in the 1995 Lisa's Wedding episode, futuristic Lisa is in her room with her fiancé. There is a poster on the wall showing a Rolling Stones 2010 tour. Despite their progressing age, the Stones continue to tour.  

5. Tiger attack

Vegas act Siegfried & Roy appeared in a Simpsons parody in 1993. In the episode, Homer and Ned Flanders travel to Vegas and meet performers Gunter and Ernst. Towards the end of the episode, a white tiger attacks one of the performers.  

Ten years later, white tiger Montecore famously attacked Roy Horn. Horn survived the brutal attack, and performed again with Montecore before retiring in 2010.

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