Laurina from Melbourne is a
Laurina from Melbourne is a "bachelorette" on the TV series The Bachelor. Channel 10

Did Laurina say too much on The Bachelor tonight?

WE finally got to see Blake Garvey's romantic side on The Bachelor tonight.

Now that the train wreck that is the show's meet and greet cocktail party, aka feeding frenzy, is out of the way Garvey chose Sydney accounting student Jessica to take on his first date.

Garvey seems genuinely sweet, even if he had a whole production team setting up the winter-themed date for him.

On the ice rink he suggested they recreating a famous scene from the romantic comedy Love Actually, giving Jessica an excuse to fall into his arms.

"A big part of the reason you're here tonight is because you have the most amazing smile," Garvey said.

He then admitted he hadn't smiled in years after a rare visit from his father when he was four years old.

Jessica, 24, broke her "no kiss on the first date" rule after receiving a rose, signaling she's safe on the show for another week.

"You've exceeded my expectations," she said.

"I've been caught so off guard because it's been an amazing evening."

Jessica, from Sydney, scored the first one-on-one date with The Bachelor.
Jessica, from Sydney, scored the first one-on-one date with The Bachelor.

But while the sparks flew between the two, that wasn't enough drama to feed social media so Blake was off on a steamy photo shoot with some of the other bachelorettes.

The wedding theme only further fuelled the women's infatuations and competitive streaks.

Most of the girls clearly have it out for "hard to get" Laurina, who was in her element modelling as a blushing bride.

"Princess" Diana got to play out her matrimonial fantasy and managed to make the usually cool and confident Laurina a bit jealous.

The "hunter" Anita was sidelined to being a bridesmaid and sulked on the sidelines.

Garvey kept Laurina waiting until the very end for her rose, sending Bridgette Rose and Tiarnar home.

But what happened next was the biggest bombshell of the evening.

When Chantal started quizzing Laurina about why she was upset at Tiarnar leaving, the model admitted she's not instantly smitten with the Bachelor.

"I don't even know the guy. I don't really care," she said.

"He's dating like 20 other women so it's not like I'm emotionally invested."

It's what so many viewers have probably been asking themselves: how can two dozen women all keep pretending to be okay with dating the same man?

Saying she doesn't care is sure to rub many of the other women up the wrong way, but it does beg the question of what this apparently "hard to get" fashion entrepreneur is doing on the show?

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