SHORTAGE: Wes Smith at one of the last blocks of land.
SHORTAGE: Wes Smith at one of the last blocks of land. Liana Walker

Develop or 'the town will stifle'

IF YOU'RE planning to build a new home in Stanthorpe you need to get in fast.

Residential blocks of land in town are few and far between and with the last two blocks at the golf course estate now sold, real estate agent Anne Lindsay said the town needed new development.

"There is no other solution,” Ms Lindsay said.

"A town will only grow if there's developers here that will cut up sizeable blocks of vacant land, close to the town to sell for residential dwellings.

"Unless we get that the town will stifle.”

However Ms Lindsay said the shortage of residential land in town had a silver lining.

"Because there's very few residential blocks available now, that's a great indication that the town is desperately wanting to grow.

"We've absorbed most of the possibilities that are left.

"If all the food's been eaten and people are still sitting at the table, they're obviously still hungry.

"Once demand exceeds supply in anything there's an obvious indication more of that is wanted.”

She said the town would need developers to come in as soon as possible due to the time lag between developing and the lands availability for sale.

"There is a need for consistent development in the town.

"Demand has exceeded supply and we're still getting enquiries so it makes it pretty obvious.”

She said there were parcels of land available to be developed into residential lots, but the onus was on council to encourage developers to come to Stanthorpe.

"They need to ensure the red tape doesn't get darker and darker.

"They need to make it interesting, easier and very welcoming and encouraging for developers, look at the costs that are involved and look at a way for refining any developmental costs which council incurs.

"At the end of the day it is the developers who are risking a lot of financial interest to help develop our town.

"It's the council who will also benefit because they'll get an increase in rates.”

Owner of Dixon Homes New England Wes Smith agreed current development costs were discouraging to developers.

"No one has developed any land recently due to increasing infrastructure charges and costs to develop becoming more expensive resulting in the shortage of land we have today,” he said.

"Best case scenario is a developer makes some more land available.”

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