A KINGAROY family were on their way home after a trip to the Sunshine Coast when things almost went tragically wrong.

On Sunday October 28, Katrina Nelson and her family were travelling on the D'Aguilar Hwy between Nanango and Kingaroy when a black car dangerously pulled out in front of them.

It was only thanks to Mrs Nelson's husband and his quick reflexes that steered the family vehicle out of the way of the reckless driver.

Their dashcam footage captured the entire terrifying event.

Mrs Nelson, her husband and their nine-year-old son were almost home from their Sunshine Coast trip when the event happened.

"My husband spotted the vehicle from a distance but I didn't see it until we got close up," she said.

"We had to veer off the road, if we didn't they would've definitely hit us."

Mrs Nelson said the oncoming driver was acting carelessly leading up to pulling out in front of the family vehicle.

"They were popping in and out from behind other cars," she said.

"We were doing 100km/h but they would've had to have been speeding."

Because the incident happened so close to home, the Nelson family decided to continue on after the near miss.

"Thankfully we were close enough to home so we just kept driving," she said.

"If we were any further away we would've stopped to allow us to calm down.

"I rang my parents because I know how they get when we are driving sometimes."

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