Boxer Danny Green's Facebook post
Boxer Danny Green's Facebook post

Danny Green calls for tougher coward punch penalties

BOXER Danny Green has led a new chorus calling for tougher penalties for those involved in coward punch attacks following the tragic death of former Sunshine Coast teenager Cole Miller.

Mr Green, who has spearheaded a national campaign under the banner "Stop the Coward's Punch" paid tribute to the much loved 18-year-old whose died as a result of massive head trauma in  Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital intensive care unit.

The boxer took to Facebook to offer his condolences to the Miller family, who are well known in Sunshine Coast surf lifesaving circles.

"My heart goes out to the family of Cole Miller who lost his battle after being attacked," he said.

Mr Green said laws needed to be strengthened to deter coward punch attacks.

"To strike another human who has no idea it's coming is mind-blowingly gutless. No one respects it.

"…Begs the question - what sentence is strong enough to stop this madness?

"Life in jail for an innocent life taken?"

The post sparked a massive debate with more than 2200 comments.

Simon Eddy wrote: "While I applaud any efforts taken to prevent these cowardly attacks why is Danny the only celebrity / Sports person with a voice here he cant do it alone he really needs the support of those with the power to effect real and positive change , with that being said keep up the good work.''

Kathryn Young Miutescu wrote: No... A life for a life is what will work.. We need to start making scape goats out of these cowards  Better still put them in the ring with you Danny and let's see how much of a coward they are...
Teach them a lesson!

Christian Samwell wrote:  You're such a great role model Danny. I am a close family friend of the Millers and was able to say goodbye to such an amazing young man today cut down by two cowards in his prime. I know both the family and country appreciate the great work you do for this cause thank you very much.

Jennifer Green wrote: Having an 18 year old son myself hearing the news of this beautiful boy Cole Miller brought me to tears. What the hell is wrong with people these days? You put your heart and soul into raising decent, caring kids and then for these thugs to come and destroy all that for nothing more than being a show off in front of your mates... Heartbreaking... My heart goes out to the Miller family at this time.... Shame Australia.... Put them away for life!

PLEASE look at the red logo middle right of screen. 'Stop the Cowards Punch' is the logo of my anti-violence...

Posted by Danny Green on Sunday, January 3, 2016

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