A GIANT orange pumpkin stole the limelight at the Ipswich Show yesterday.

You couldn't miss the 261.5kg monster that's for sure.

Geoff Frohloff's pumpkins took out first, second (207kg) and third (180kg) in the heavyweight cattle pumpkin class in the food and produce section.


Mr Frohloff has a 111 hectare farm out at Minden where he grows...and grows...and grows his vegetables.

If he was to make a movie about his property it would no doubt be called Land of the Giant Pumpkins.

The 261.5kg pumpkin he delivered to the Ipswich Show pavilion yesterday looked more like an asteroid than a vegetable.

"They call these Atlantic Pumpkins. It is a breed," he said.

"This is the biggest one I've had here in Ipswich but 12 years ago I had one that was 300.5kg up in Toowoomba.

"But he only lasted three weeks after competition and just didn't quite make our local show in Marburg.

"He just went off."

The humungous vegetable on show at this year's show was picked last Friday and looked in great shape.

The big question: How does he get them so big?

"I grow them in brand new soil where nothing has been before. That's the best.

"I give them a lot of organic mulch, and a lot of tender loving care and attention."

There's no doubt you could feed a small army with Mr Frohloff's produce.

The winning pumpkin doesn't have a name. Let's just call him Mr Big.

Mr Frohloff has been exhibiting at the Ipswich Show for 27 years and he has a great record.

Although the Ekka isn't held until August, awards have already been given out for this year. Needless to say the Minden marvel was unstoppable there too.

Mr Frohloff won the heaviest pumpkin in show with the same big bopper on display in Ipswich, smashing his own previous record of 204kg.

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