Cowboys’ crying will do no good

DURING the week I was guilty of something I loathe - people making an assumption on a story by reading just the headline.

Being in the newspaper game most of my working life has evidently burdened me with that foible.

So when I read the words Cowboys and compensation in the same headline a few days ago, my immediate supposition was that the North Queensland board had decided to financially compensate its season members.

After all, so far in 2015 they have been royally dudded.

But no, the compensation bid claim actually come from the club, to the NRL, for the governing body having the audacity to schedule a Monday night game in Townsville.

The Cowboys are seeking at least $100,000 in compensation even though they claim they could lose as much as $200,000 because of tonight's scheduling.

All clubs have a preferred day or night on which to play home games, and the preference of the Cowboys is Saturday night.

That enables fans from far-flung areas of North Queensland to correlate their work with their travel.

The Broncos, despite the fact they play the vast majority of their home games on a Friday night, prefer Sundays because it is more family friendly.

And the Titans have a partiality for the late Saturday afternoon timeslot.

No club likes playing on Monday for the obvious reason it is a work/school day.

And because of that clubs that host Monday night matches are compensated $40,000.

That has been the figure for the past six years and whether it is a fair amount is debatable.

But rather than aim his poisoned arrow at the NRL, maybe Cowboys boss Peter Jourdain should be focusing on his under-performing players.

Would tonight's crowd be bigger than his estimated 11,000 had the Cowboys been three from three instead of the reverse?

No doubt the Cowboys will soon find their feet, and that expected resurgence could well be tonight against the Storm.

But crying over match scheduling that was released months ago is hardly endearing the struggling club to anyone, least of all its paid-up members.

In fact in recent seasons the Cowboys have resembled the Broncos of the 90s.

The new boys on the block back then had an on-going stoush with authorities in a bid to establish an 'us against them mentality' which eventually led to the birth of Super League.

Sure, the Cowboys have had their fair share of bad luck and poor refereeing decisions in recent years, but they can't blame anyone else for their horror start to 2015.

And crying over the draw is not going to win them any friends or paper over the cracks.

But what will undoubtedly help solve many problems is a win tonight.

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