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Courtney Stodden 'lost' after miscarriage

COURTNEY Stodden is feeling "lost" since suffering a miscarriage.

The 21-year-old reality TV star - who was expecting her first child with her husband Doug Hutchison but tragically lost the baby in July - had shaved her head as a sign of her grief but has admitted the drastic makeover didn't bring about the healing she'd hoped.

She told 'Entertainment Tonight': "I'm just feeling a little lost right now.

"I thought shaving my head would give me some kind of relief from the pain I've been experiencing... but it hasn't."

Since chopping off her locks, Courtney has been sporting a variety of different coloured wigs and admits her ever-changing appearance is an attempt to try and "find" herself.

She said: "I'm wearing wigs in order to try and make myself feel like I used to feel before all of this stuff happened.

"I almost feel like I'm trying to find myself all over again... or maybe find myself for the first time in my life. I don't know."

Courtney previously explained she was shaving her hair to signify a fresh start.

She said: "Hi everyone, as you all know I recently suffered a miscarriage and it's had a huge impact on me emotionally.

"I've been thinking and I have decided that I want to give back to my angel with a symbolic gesture and that to me is shaving my hair off because I want to step into this new chapter into my life fresh and new."

Courtney recently purchased a 'reborn baby' - dolls which are made to look and feel like newborns - on the advice of her therapist.

She shared a video on Instagram of herself receiving the doll and wrote: "Just received my reborn baby today! exciting i know it may seem a little strange but my therapist suggested that having him may help me cope with my loss. #rebornbaby (sic)"

In the video, Courtney unwrapped the package before lifting out the doll and cradling it.

She said in the clip: "Oh my gosh guys, he's so pretty. He's so beautiful, he looks like a baby."

Courtney shared a number of pictures of the doll, including one of it next to her dog, which she captioned "the babies".

Another image was of the doll's 'birth certificate', which had the name and date of birth sections left blank, but a weight of 5lbs 6oz and length of 20 inches listed, as well as that it came from Tiny Toe Angels nursery. .

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