Court ruling a 'waste of time'

A LOCAL contractor has all but given up on reclaiming money owed to him by the former developers of Augusta Close, off Rangers Rd.

The tradesman told the Daily News yesterday he is still more than $4000 out of pocket thanks to former developer Propwill Pty Ltd - the out-of-town company involved in the unit development - and that's despite taking the matter to the courts.

The tradesman is one of at least two who have attempted to reclaim financial payments owed to them by Propwill.

The Daily News spoke to one of the directors listed for the company, Simon Price, in July, who denied anything below board had happened.

Mr Price was the name all local contractors gave who had been denying them payment for their work.

One of the tradesman said trying to settle the matter in the realms of the court room hadn't worked, and was at the end of his tether.

"He didn't even bother turning up to court - he claimed his car broke down," he said.

"Instead we had a phone hearing. The judge awarded the case to me and said he had to pay expenses."

Mr Price was given six weeks to pay, but that deadline lapsed one-and-a-half months ago.

The tradesman said he was frustrated by the apparent gap in the legal system.

"Going through the whole court system didn't make a difference, it's a waste of time and effort," he said.

"It cost me even more money to file with court. Basically the whole court system is a waste of time."

The Daily News attempted to contact Mr Price for comment on the matter but our calls were not returned.

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