Council, SDSCC strike raceway compromise

TWENTY-FOUR is now the magical number when it comes to Carnell Raceway.

The latest in a string of decisions regarding the motorsport facility was passed down by the council at its monthly general meeting last week.

After initially applying for 40 race days and six practice days, the Stanthorpe and District Sporting Car Club has been offered a compromise of 24 race days.

Southern Downs Regional Council director of planning and environment Ken Harris said the club offered up days from other activities on the site to be able to have additional race days.

"Based on the three practice days dropped and the two night time activities it is more reasonable to go with 24 days, as the practice days are not full race days, therefore the number has been increased by four days," Mr Harris said.

The councillors unanimously voted in favour of the race day changes.

SDSCC spokesman Rob Brown said the whole process had been a matter of compromise and give and take.

"For us it was a case of wanting more race days and realistically practice days are of little benefit to the club and we consider the night or cabaret races to run too late so we are much happier with this decision," Mr Brown said.

"There were a few submitters not keen on the night time idea so we were happy to compromise.

"We have to think about the future of the club when making this decision and finally agreeing because this will be the be all and end all."

Mr Brown said despite splitting hairs over many of the issues, the submitters and the club did agree on one thing.

"We are really happy with the driver training that was approved," he said.

"It is allowed Monday to Friday from 9am-5pm."

The SDSCC has 20 days to get back to council with its decision and any finer points it wishes to address prior to signing an official agreement.

"We haven't had a chance to meet as a committee yet, but will be going over the finer details before we give the go ahead," Mr Brown said.

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