Cookies and cream baked cheesecake

TRY this delicious cookies and cream baked cheesecake recipe from Annette Sym's Symply Too Good To Be True book six.
Serves: 12

12 choc chip Vive Lites biscuits (Paradise®)
1 tablespoon skim milk
cooking spray

500g low-fat cottage cheese
125g 80% less fat cream cheese
½ teaspoon vanilla essence
1 whole egg
1 egg white
1 x 400g can light condensed milk
25g (5 squares) dark cooking chocolate grated
¼ cup cocoa

Preheat oven 160ºC fan forced.

To make base: In a food processor crumble biscuits until fine crumbs appear. Add in milk and blend together. Coat a pie plate with cooking spray and press biscuit mix onto base of plate. Refrigerate while making the filling.

To make filling: Clean food processor bowl and blade. Blend cottage cheese in processor until very smooth. Add cream cheese, vanilla essence and eggs and combine well. Pour into a large bowl then add condensed milk. Combine well using an electric beater. Pour half of the filling into another bowl. Add grated chocolate and sifted cocoa to one of the bowls and combine using electric beater. Pour the white filling over biscuit base then carefully pour the chocolate filling in a zig zag pattern. Bake for 45 minutes. Leave to cool. Refrigerate until required.

Suitable to be frozen for 2-3 weeks

Nutritional Information:
FIBRE  0.3g
PROTEIN  11.0g
CARBS  31.7g
SUGAR  26.5g
SODIUM  223mg
KILOJOULES      879 (cals 210)

Note from Annette: I am so excited about this recipe. Who doesn't love anything to do with cookies and cream, and now you can enjoy this delightfully guilt free cheesecake. You don't get a huge serve, but it is quite rich, so remember everything in moderation is the key to weightloss success.

Dietitian's Tip: This dessert is only 4.7% total fat. Traditional cheesecakes can contain
up to 20%, which much of is saturated fat. If you have diabetes only have this on very special occasions as it contains significant calories and carbs.

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