Australian Survivor contestant Conner Bethune.
Australian Survivor contestant Conner Bethune. Nigel Wright

Conner's food distraction leads to elimination

AUSTRALIAN Survivor's youngest contestant Conner Bethune has been given the flick.

The 23-year-old Canberra native was the first in line for the chopping block after host Jonathan LaPaglia revealed the reality show's two remaining tribes would be merged into one: Fia Fia.

The merger brought Mr Bethune face-to-face with his old rivals Flick, Matt and Brooke, who succeeded in getting his torch snuffed out.

"None of my political rivals had been eliminated since I left Saanapu," he told APN.

"It seemed to be like Brooke was potentially running the show. I was definitely public enemy number one.

"It was hard for me to talk to people because a lot of people didn't want to be seen talking to me. It was like I had leprosy and if they talked to me then they'd be in trouble.

"It was almost as if they decided I was going home before we even merged."

Mr Bethune regrets listening to his stomach during an auction, when he could have secured an advantage rather than indulging in chips, a soft drink and chocolate cake.

Instead Nick and Lee successfully bid for the advantages. Lee was given the ability to prevent one person from voting at Tribal Council, which Nick was given a clue to a hidden immunity idol.

" I didn't realise at that point how dire my situation was. I thought by getting an advantage that would have put a target on my back," he said.

"I was that hungry when I saw that food I just went for it.

"Not eating right for so many weeks, my head started getting really scattered. You start not thinking logically and you just want food."

The law student believes Brooke has peaked too early and that she won't remain the dominant force in the game for long.

"Being in the best position at the start of the merge may not be the best place to be," he said.

"El seems to be doing well and she's still very under the radar. She's clearly a physical threat but not the biggest physical threat. She could be in a great position to be there in the end."

Australian Survivor continues tomorrow at 7.30pm on Channel 10.

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