Confession gets dealer a lighter sentence

A DRUG dealer who peddled meth, ecstasy and potentially deadly synthetics around Ipswich must serve six months of a three-year jail sentence.

Despite a long history of drug-related crime, Ryan Trevor Maynard, 37, escaped serious time behind bars after it was revealed he would never have been charged with trafficking had he not been honest with police about the scale of his drug business.

Maynard's colourful criminal history was detailed in Brisbane Supreme Court this week where it was revealed the disability pensioner regularly dabbled in everything from the more common dangerous drugs to alternative mind alterers including "psychedelic, hallucinogenic cactus plants".

Most recently, he was caught with the controversial synthetic drug known as N Bomb - the ecstasy imitator that left one person dead and 11 hospitalised on the Gold Coast last month.

Police arrested Maynard at an Ipswich service station in April and a follow-up search of his house uncovered various drug cocktails, utensils and phones that contained evidence of drug deals.

Crown prosecutor Michael Spencer said only a small amount of drugs was found on site, but Maynard confessed to police that he regularly sold drugs to about 15-16 people including friends, family and an ex-partner to support his own drug habit.

It was not the first time Maynard had given police information about a crime he would not have otherwise been convicted of.

The court heard Maynard previously handed himself in to police over the attempted armed robbery of a service station more than a decade ago. Police had no suspects in the crime until, several years later, Maynard told them he had committed the crime in the hope of getting enough money to pay off a drug debt. He was convicted but received a suspended jail sentence.

Defence barrister Katherine McMahon said her client was deeply distressed about the prospect of his 14-year-old daughter being sent to live somewhere else while he served his sentence.

Maynard and his partner broke down in tears as Ms McMahon told the court the girl had greatly improved both at home and school since moving in with her father earlier in the year and that he was "very proud" of her achievements.

"He appreciated she's the person he has let down the most," Ms McMahon said

"He has explained to his daughter that he is not going to be back for a long time."

Justice Roslyn Atkinson said that given the seriousness of the charge and the drugs he had been selling, she had no choice but to send Maynard to jail but accepted the case was "an unusual one".

She said she hoped Maynard's most recent arrest was the "wake-up call" he needed for his own sake and his daughter's and set a parole release date of May 22 next year.


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