Should this dingo die over a child bite on Fraser Island?

THE community is concerned a dingo that attacked a child on Fraser Island on Monday, biting it on the buttocks, may be killed as a result. 

Chronicle reader Ashley Flanders feels sorry for the dingo.

"It will be shot and the parents who couldn't watch their kid will get away with nothing after failing to comply with the hundreds of warning signs on the island," Ashley said. 

Hollie Lauren said she hoped the little boy was okay but hopes the dingo is't destroyed.

"Have grown up going to Fraser and never encountered a problem.. something needs to change and it's certainly not the dingoes," she said.

"Tourist needs to be held accountable and need to listen when they are being educated about safety on the island... be responsible."

Shannon Robertson questioned what the child's parents were doing prior to the incident.  

Should the dingo that bit a six-year-old on Fraser Island be destroyed?

This poll ended on 29 September 2016.

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"I think there are a lot of locals who would like to know the full story asap," Shannon said. 

Wendy Ballinger said: "So i guess this one will be put down as well. Some won't be happy until t here are none left."

Kayla Phillips said: "You all know what dingoes are like so if you choose to go there and you or your child gets attacked TO BAD NO SYMPATHY!! That's soley your own stupid fault."

Noelene Kemmis Hunt says there is no need for this to happen if people are responsible.

"Where were the people responsible for this child?" she questioned. 

Daniel Ashton says he's been to Fraser Island all his life and has never had an issue with dingoes.

"It's miss information and ignerance that creat a dingo problem," he said. 

Michael Nemcsok asked how was the boy allowed to get to close.  

"Poor dingo and shame on the parents," Michael said. 

icol Did the child get too close or tey to touch the dingo. Most times its not the dogs fault

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