SOUND ON: Jamie Zamprogno and Andy Wilmot were the entertainment at the Disability Disco to launch Disability Action Week.
SOUND ON: Jamie Zamprogno and Andy Wilmot were the entertainment at the Disability Disco to launch Disability Action Week. Liana Walker

Comedy helps break disability stigma

IT WOULD be easy to think Jamie Zamprogno was a professional voice actor after hearing one of his comedy skits.

Jamie works with Soular Music Service's owner Andy Wilmott, writing and producing comedy recordings. And with the help of Mr Wilmott and Granite Belt Support Services, Jamie is breaking through the stigma of the autism spectrum disorder Asperger's syndrome.

Mr Wilmott cannot give enough praise for Jamie's work in the recording studio.

"I was quite surprised to find how much of an expert Jamie was under the pressure of the microphone,” Mr Wilmott said.

"A lot of people when you turn on a recording button in the studio, they bumble and get nervous and make a lot of mistakes and it takes a lot of editing and a lot of coaching to get the performance out of them.

"Jamie just gets in there, reads from the iPad that he's hardly even practised to and 90 per cent of the time the first delivery is right.”

"Sometimes when I try to record it, it sounds like I'm laughing so I have to try again,” Jamie said.

Growing up with Asperger's, which impacts Jamie's ability to communicate and socialise, has not been easy.

"In the past I've been criticised and been bullied a few times. But not as much now it's pretty good mostly,” he said.

He now uses comedy as an outlet which he said his friends and family found very entertaining.

"They think it's hilarious. Not everyone is going to find it funny because people have a different sense of humour but most people find it funny.”

Jamie also has a keen interest in DJing. He was the entertainment at the Disability Disco on Friday night.

"He started going out to my studio and starting up the software that we use - basically it's a virtual DJ program where you load up the music and it's like two turn tables,” Mr Wilmott said.

"I showed Jamie how to use that software and then we got invited to DJ at a couple of events and it just went from there.”

To hear Jamie's skits visit

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