FAVOURITE MEMORIES: Rachael Bermingham (nee Moore) has fond memories of her early childhood years in Stanthorpe. Photo Contributed
FAVOURITE MEMORIES: Rachael Bermingham (nee Moore) has fond memories of her early childhood years in Stanthorpe. Photo Contributed Contributed

Coast ‘home’ for author

FROM hairdressing, feeding sharks, mentoring women and writing books, Rachael Bermingham (nee Moore) has led a very busy and successful life since leaving Stanthorpe as a primary school student.

Rachael was born in Stanthorpe and attended St Joseph's.

"I was born in Stanthorpe on a freezing cold winter's day," Rachael said.

"I heard that it even snowed a little the morning I was born.

"Dad got a great job and we moved to the Sunny Coast when I was in Year 7."

Rachael has a long list of claims to fame including writing nine books.

But it took her a number of years to realise that was what she wanted to do.

"When I left school I did my hairdressing apprenticeship then at 19 years of age opened my own hairdressing salon," Rachael said.

"I sold it for a profit then played, seeking out my place in the world."

Rachael worked at Movie World doing stunts, worked as a shark feeder and an aquarist at Underwater World for three years before trying her hand in the travel industry.

After that she moved into marketing and mentoring women in business and writing books.

"I have nine books in total now, five of which are the 4 Ingredients books," she said.

"The most known of the others is Savvy, an inspirational book for women on how to achieve what they want in life while raising their children from home."

Despite having three young children to look after, Rachael still spends a great deal of time mentoring and helping other women build their businesses.

"It is one of my favourite things to be able to do this and more importantly see women shine and get what they want in life," she said.

Currently, Rachael, who still lives at the Sunshine Coast, is working on two books and speaks at numerous business events, expos and conferences around the country.

She has three boys, Jaxson, 9, and twins Bowie and Casey, 4.

"I'm not going full-on this year, instead I'm taking as much time as I can with the twinnies, hanging out with them, having rock pool, beach walking adventures with them before they head off to school next year," Rachael said.

"But next year I have some awesome adventures planned and can't wait."

Rachael attributes her success to all the times she said yes instead of no.

"I'm so thankful I have said yes more times than I have said no, even when I was scared or nervous about it, I still went outside of my comfort zone and every yes brought with it an amazing opportunity that led me to the most incredible people, places and ventures," she said.

And despite having only spent her childhood years in Stanthorpe, Rachael said she had many fond memories of the Granite Belt.

"I'm very grateful of the upbringing I had in Nicol St," she said.

"Our house on three sides was surrounded by land my Poppy owned and there were always lots of funny adventures with our friends.

"We had a creek on his land and used to go yabbying in it, swimming in it (crossing it as quickly as we could so the leeches wouldn't get on us!), we picked blackberries for awesome pies num used to make, rode horses, had endless fun with friends on bikes, skateboards and exploring the world around us.

"I had so much fun being part of the swimming club, too, even if it did mean early morning training on freezing cold mornings!

"I remember eating hot pies watching my brother Spud play for the Gremlins - I remember they were short one day, so my hair was tied up, and on I was sent to make up the numbers!

"My fondest and more treasured memory though is of the people I met at school and the friendships we still share to this day."

Rachael said a trip to Stanthorpe was on the cards for the near future.

"We plan on coming down sometime soon with the motorbike trailer loaded up for a weekend of MX fun, some laughs and fun," she said.

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