RAY Blackmore takes pride in his yard, meticulously mowing the front lawn of his South Bundaberg property every week.

But the grass in the gutter bordering his neat lawn looks messy and he wants Bundaberg Regional Council to take responsibility and clean it up.

Mr Blackmore also mows the verge and said while he was living up to his end of the bargain, the council was not doing the same.

"I want it cleaned up. It's just making a poppy show of my work," he said.

"The way it looks, it's dreadful, take a look at my nicely mowed lawn and then look at that - dreadful.

"I do the right thing and cut their footpath and they ignore me."

Mr Blackmore said council staff had used a cutter to chop the grass growing over the verge, but instead of picking up the clippings they'd been left in the street.

"What I'm on about is that they left this in that condition," he said.

"I thought they'd come back with picks and shovels and clean it up.

"I told them I'd expected a truck and a gang to be following and I want it cleaned up.

"Someone needs to clean it all before it rains and blocks all the drains."

A council spokeswoman said council was responsible for mowing unsealed road shoulders as part of its kerbside maintenance program; however, as mowers were not fitted with a mechanism for catching grass clippings, some cut grass may finish up in the kerb.

"Council's edging tractor undertakes a continual circuit of the Bundaberg area and council does undertake spraying when required. At times during the peak growing periods, maintenance is a challenge but staff always manage to meet their schedule," she said.

"Should residents become concerned about grass clippings in the kerb, they are encouraged to consider removing it themselves. If they don't wish to do this, or it becomes a major issue, they can of course contact council to do it for them."

Bundaberg residents are encouraged to phone the council with any inquiries on 1300 883 699.

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