Restaurant hits back at complaint with sassy response

THERE is no restaurant in Toowoomba with as much a cheeky sass as Kajoku.

The Korean and Japanese restaurant, located at 430 Ruthven St, is one of the most popular Asian restaurants in town.

But like every popular dining outlet, it can get negative reviews every now and then.

While its overall rating sits at 4.7 stars on Facebook, a recent one star review promoted a lengthy response from the restaurant.

Alexis Young rated Kajoku the lowest rating possible and said: "Food was good, customer service was horrific. Tried to charge us for dishes my husband and I didn't order, and argued with us until they were blue in the face. Left paying for the dishes we did order and won't be going back."

Kajoku is known for its sense of humour and sass.
Kajoku is known for its sense of humour and sass.

Kajoku responded the next day with:

"That doesn't sound good. But could you please let me know when this is supposed to have occurred? I must admit to a little scepticism, as:
1) we have three senior staff members who take payments, none of whom are aware of any such issue having taken place, and;
2) if you had refused to pay part of your bill, we would have called the police in, something we haven't had to do for quite some time.
Unfortunately review systems such as Facebook's are open to abuse by false reviews, positive and negative - but rather than write this off as such, if you could please furnish us with some further details we can look into the matter some more."

Ms Young didn't respond to the restaurant claims she was a false reviewer and while many people stuck up for Kajoku with the thought that bad reviews could be harmful to restaurants, some people thought the response was rude.

But Kajoku is known for its sense of humour - even having a section on the menu for people with no friends (people eating alone) and a Donald Trump drink, the 3L Trump Tower which "won't turn you into an obnoxious orange parasite but it will make your hands appear freakishly small". 

It isn't the first time Kajoku has had an epic response to an online complaint.

In April a woman wasn't happy with her chicken curry and thought she would let the staff know.

Kajoku then came back with an hilarious response - one that went viral.

"I tested our chicken curry dish after reading this, as I do with anything we receive complaints (next time, please complain about the stewed beef ribs - they're also delicious and I haven't  had the chance to eat them for a while). Without a hint of bias, I can say that I enjoyed this dish thoroughly," it read. 

"Sorry if it wasn't to your taste but we simply disagree - I found it delicious and neither grisly nor gristly (which I assume is what you meant). Yes indeed, we use chicken thigh and leg meat in the dish - it is the tastiest part of the bird. And yes indeed are price are quite inexpensive, thanks for noticing."

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