Cigarette taxes jump by 13.7%, hopes more people will quit

IF you smoke a packet of cigarettes a day you will be out of pocket $7000 a year.

Cigarette taxes will jump by a hefty 13.7 per cent from today, the second of four outsized increases in as many years.

The excise on a pack of 20 will climb from $8.13 to $9.25, an increase of $1.12. The excise on a pack of 40 will climb from $16.26 to $18.51.

Labor announced a series of four increases mid-last year, with the first of 12.5 per cent due on December 1 followed by three more on September 1 in each of the following three years.

The changes to the price of cigarettes are expected to deter 200,000 people from lighting up.

Australian Council on Smoking and Health president Mike Daube said it was expected 60,000 people will quit smoking due to the increase in price.

"We estimate that just as a result of this increase, around 800 million fewer cigarettes will be smoked in Australia and around 60,000 smokers will quit."

Cancer Council Queensland spokesperson Katie Clift has welcomed the increase, saying price control through excise was the most effective public health measure to bring down smoking rates.

"Research shows the tobacco excise increase in 2010 caused smoking rates to decline by about 11 per cent," Ms Clift said.

"Evidence also indicates that a tax increase on cigarettes is particularly effective among people on lower incomes and young people across Australia.

"There has been no better time to give up smoking - for your hip pocket, your health, and the health of your friends and family."

Smokers can obtain free information, practical assistance and support from Quitline, 13 QUIT (13 7848), or join the QUEST to quit at www.quest.org.au.

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