Chris Hemsworth takes aim at Ryan Reynolds.
Chris Hemsworth takes aim at Ryan Reynolds.

Chris Hemsworth sledges fellow A-lister

Not content with his long-running Hugh Jackman feud, actor Ryan Reynolds has now turned his attention to another Aussie star: Chris Hemsworth.

Earlier this week, Ryan enlisted his mother, Tammy, to deliver a video message to Hemsworth.

The video was shared to promote the AGBO Superhero League, where Marvel stars compete in a fantasy football league to raise money for charity. Their latest challenge - to have Marvel superheroes "trash talk" each other. Ryan handed those duties over to his mum - and she didn't hold back.

"Chris Hemsworth is everyone's least favourite Australian - and as a reminder, Hugh Jackman still exists," Tammy said, referencing her son's other famous Aussie feud.

"Chris is a no-good asshat who looks like a bodybuilder f**ked a platypus. Only a mother can say this next part: Chris, you are a-" before unleashing a torrent of censored expletives, and finishing with one final indignity for the Thor star: "I loved you in Wonder Woman! It was the best."



Chris returned the favour, on the set of his latest movie Spiderhead: "Hey Ryan Reynolds, what's up? Saw you got your mum to trash talk me, so I've got my dad here to say some horrible things about you," he said, gesturing to Dan Blacklock, a costumier on the film.

"I'm not your dad … (Reynolds) is a top man," said Blacklock.

"He's not a top man. We talked about this before. Tell them all the stuff we discussed - you hate him, he's a di**head, the worst actor, your least favourite Canadian in the whole world."

"That's ridiculous," Blacklock interjected.

"It's not ridiculous, it's what we talked about. You said you hate Aviation Gin, it's disgusting," said Hemsworth, referring to Reynolds' gin company. Blacklock protested that it was his "favourite drink".

"It's not your favourite drink. And Green Lantern, what did you say about that?"

"Best movie ever."

"It's not the best movie ever. Even if you liked him, it's not … why are you doing this? Thanks for nothing," Hemsworth said.



Hopefully Hugh Jackman doesn't feel too left out of this social media sparring, given his years-long joke feud with Reynolds.

The pair's jokey "feud" has been brewing online over the past couple of years as they play up to their respective fan bases.

Memorable moments include Reynolds trashing Jackman on his wedding anniversary this year, and sending him a very salty birthday video message the year before, calling him a "piece of s**t".


For his part, Jackman had filmed an unflattering ad for Reynolds' brand of gin, asking viewers to urinate on Reynolds' Hollywood Walk of Fame star, and Reynolds quipping, "Pretty sure those are protesters" under a picture of Jackman posing with fans.

Reynolds even went to the trouble of releasing a mock political ad to slam his rival.

"Hugh speaks with a charming accent, but he's actually from Milwaukee," Reynolds said in the ad, claiming Jackman is an impostor whose real name is "Hugh Michael Jackman".

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