Woman films serial driveway pooper in action

A PRIME suspect has emerged in the hunt for the so-called "rogue pooer" of Alice Springs.

Footage obtained by the NT News shows a man entering a property on Underdown Street and walking to a location off camera where a pile of suspected human faeces was later discovered by the occupant, Kirsten, who preferred not to use her last name.

Kirsten said she captured the footage on a security camera, which she attached to the back of her vehicle parked in the driveway.

She said she installed the camera after discovering human faeces deposited at various places in her front yard multiple nights in a row starting on December 11.

Kirsten said the behaviour continued for nine straight nights until she called the police and they made a public call for witnesses.

She also said that over that time the nature of the deposits became increasingly audacious.

She said one morning she woke to discover "it was kind of smeared in blobs, almost like he got between the tiles and mashed it in. So there's one main s**t, and then just little squishy blobs. I think he's purposefully squashed it in, just to really piss me off.

A prime suspect has emerged in the hunt for the so-called “rogue pooper” of Alice Springs.
A prime suspect has emerged in the hunt for the so-called “rogue pooper” of Alice Springs.

"Then there was one night where I thought he didn't have a s**t. Next day, I came out and I found two. One was an older one, and it was being rained on, and the other one was next to it, right in the middle of the yard there, near my birdbath.

"So he's changed tactic, because I left the windows wide open thinking maybe that'll deter him. But instead of deterring him, he's gone 'I'm gonna s**t right here in front of the windows'."

Kirsten said she was at a loss as to why she has been targeted.

"I don't have any personal enemies. There's no reason for it that I can think of. There's probably something very wrong with him."

Kirsten described the man as "quite well dressed".

"He's so smooth and so calm. From the video, it almost looks like he does it for a profession. It looks like he's been doing this for a long time."

Kirsten said that while she found the man's behaviour amusingly bizarre at first, and even joked about it with friends, she was well and truly over it now.

"At the start I even videoed myself and sent it to all my friends and laughed about how the s****er needs to change his diet.

"We all need a bit of a laugh in Alice Springs at the moment. But also it's a f***ing horrible thing to do. I've been hosing down human s**t for the past nine days."

Anyone with information is urged to contact police on 131 444.


Originally published as CCTV footage emerges of suspected serial driveway pooper

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