Anonymous in message to Cambpell Newman

Young activist linked to video message targeting Premier

A YOUNG Brisbane activist is linked to a video which warns Premier Campbell Newman: ''Expect us.''

The video, purportedly by a small Brisbane-based collective of Anonymous supporters, has been viewed more than 100,000 times since it was posted last Thursday.

The four and a half minute clip, which is titled Anonymous Message to Campbell Newman, ends with the words: "We do not forgive. We do not forget. Campbell Newman expect us.''

The creator's YouTube account is called Trojan Walker.

Fairfax media reports the account links to a Facebook page belonging to Daniel Walker, who took to social media on Monday to defend the clip, saying the group had no intention of threatening Mr Newman.

" I think this goes to show the low levels they are willing to slump to,'' the post says.

"How much of taxpayers' money did it cost to up his security?

"He's already spent in excess of $800,000 in taxpayers' money to promote his legislation over the past two weeks. and along comes an anon spider, make a free and costless video which gets more attention then his propaganda,'' the response says.

"It's not my fault the man feels the need to hide behind a slew of propaganda. I have never hurt anyone nor has anyone I associate with, but, we are wacthing, and he can expect his lies to be made public.''

Qld police set to get body armour as threats escalate

QUEENSLAND police are set to be given light-weight body armour amid escalating threats being made against them and senior politicians.

The Queensland Police Union said a short time ago it had a very productive meeting with Police Minister Jack Dempsey who had agreed to roll out better protective gear for Queensland police.

The singlet style vests, which can stop a bullet, will be rolled out first where police are dealing with outlaw motorcycle gangs.

Fairfax reported on the weekend that QPU president Ian Leavers on Friday morning wrote to Commissioner Ian Stewart for the second time in two weeks asking he recommend the government buy light-weight body armour used by Victorian police.

Mr Leavers asked for a reply by close of business on Friday.

However, Commissioner Stewart said he wanted more details.

He also tweeted on the weekend that police already had bullet-proof vests which he said were better protection than body armour.

Meanwhile, the phone numbers of Premier Campbell Newman and his wife Lisa and the family's home address were also listed on a social media site on Sunday.

The security breach has caused escalating tension within the Premier's family, given that information may have landed in the hands of outlaw motorcycle gangs.

The social media site is linked to motorcycle groups in Australia.

Fairfax reported that Mr Newman and his wife are understood to have received prank phone calls on Sunday, upsetting the family.

The security breach was condemned by a spokesman for the Premier on Sunday night.

"It is particularly distasteful given it involves the Premier's family.''

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