REUSE IT: Dylan Kuipersmith is waging war on single use coffee cups.
REUSE IT: Dylan Kuipersmith is waging war on single use coffee cups. John McCutcheon

Campaign wages war against 'throwaway' mentality

WITH a passion for the environment, developed over a lifetime of working on the ocean and travelling the world, a Coast man is determined to put an end to single use coffee cups one free coffee at a time.

Mountain Creek man Dylan Kuipersmith has seen the effects of pollution first hand throughout the more than 30 countries he's visited and is now waging a war on the "throwaway item mentality" of today.

"I can't think of a better life purpose than to help clean up our environment and make eco-social change happen," he said.

"I'm starting with the Sunshine Coast community which is my home."

Mr Kuipersmith has developed the Crucify the Cup campaign which he said aimed to "eliminate all single use coffee cups from the Sunshine Coast".

A Gofundme has been set up to fund the campaign with $1000 needed for the event, with Mr Kuipersmith hoping it to be the first of many.

The money will be used to buy 200 coffees at a local cafe which will be given away for free to customers who bring in their reuseable coffee cups.

Mr Kuipersmith will be on hand during the day to greet the customers and educate them about his message.

"I'm currently chatting with a few café owners to see who is the best fit," Mr Kuipersmith said.

"During the campaign we'll have a donation bucket so coffee drinkers can support us, and these funds will go directly to the next campaign."

There'll also be Crowd Clean Worlds shirts available for sale with all proceeds going to subsequent events.

"I think we'll be the first city in Australia to do this, and we'll set an amazing environmental example to all of Australia," Mr Kuipersmith said.

"Australia uses about a billion disposable coffee cups every year, and it's becoming a major environmental concern because lots of them go to landfill - so the campaign will be stopping this."

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