Tim Cahill celebrates the win.
Tim Cahill celebrates the win.

Cahill has some 'big-time decisions' on career

TIM Cahill has dropped a World Cup bombshell just minutes after his teary celebration to the Socceroos qualifying.

The legendary record goalscorer played a starring role up front in the 3-1 win over Honduras to help send his country to a fourth straight World Cup.

Should he go to Russia, it will also be Cahill's fourth World Cup where he is aiming to continue his feat of scoring in 2006, 2010 and 2014.

But when asked by Fox Sports sideline reporter Tara Rushton if he will be going to Russia immediately after the match, the 37-year-old stunned everyone.

"Now I've got to make some big decisions,” was Cahill's response.

"I need game time... This is all I wanted... I know it was only a matter of time.

"Never close a door or something like this because... I would do anything to stay a part of this team.”

Former Socceroo John Aloisi thought Cahill's message was clear - if he can't get game time with Melbourne City, he will seek a move elsewhere to be best prepared to play for his country.

Aloisi said: "He said if he doesn't get game time, he's off. He's away from Melbourne City... He knows he has to play regular football to go to the World Cup.

"If Cahill isn't part of his set up... It's interesting times for Timmy because he wants to play, he needs play but will he get game time?”

Cahill showed how much qualification meant to him, leaping on coach Ange Postecoglou's back as the full time whistle blew before holding back tears.

"It doesn't feel like a surprise. It feels like it was meant to be,” Cahill added.

"It feels amazing. The way it's gone for us, I've got to praise the boss a hell of a lot. We knew it was going to happen.

"To help my country qualify for four world cups is something I'll be pretty proud of when I get older.

"I take great pride at being a part of this...This is easy playing in this team. I've just got to be in good areas.

"I feel like a young kid. My job is just to put my body on the line - just like Mile tonight.

"We wanted to show what we stand for as a group of players. I believed in him four years ago [Ange] and I still believe in him now.


Aaron Mooy.
Aaron Mooy.


"It's amazing. A perfect day. It's just a great to finally know we're going to a World Cup.

"It's been the most games and most travel any team has ever done to qualify for a World Cup.

"It's been very difficult but we're there now and have something to look forward to.

"We set out to do it a bit different than the other generations. Play a more of a passing style of play. It hasn't been perfect the whole journey but we played nice football.

"We're going to celebrate now because we worked very hard for it.”

Mile Jedinak was outstanding.
Mile Jedinak was outstanding.


"It's unreal. We knew it was always going to be a difficult qualification campaign.

"But this makes it special - to do it in front of our fans is extra special. It was our duty as a group of football players to get this job done.

"We set off on a task two and a half years ago and we stuck to our guns. We got there.

"It's going to be a big 2018. I'll take them all [three goals]. It doesn't matter who scores.”


"It's extremely, extremely special. This group's gone through a lot to the way we want to play to not qualifying properly... there was a lot of talk going into this.

"Make no mistake, this group deserves everything they get.

"Just to be able to qualify just this second means an absolute deal... We do really deserve it.”


"It's pretty special to do it in front of all your friends and family. I always thought we had enough to get the job done.

"I missed the last one through injury and just really proud now to represent my country in front of my family and friends. It's been long, very hard. I feel we got nothing less than we deserve... We got our rewards today.

"We're situated all around the world. You represent your club, but... Everyone has a sense pride in this team. We always believed we had enough.

"We did it the hard way but if anything I feel as a squad we've learned from that. We've been put in a high pressure situation and dealt with that.”

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