ONE year ago Isabella and Sam Torrisi had just brought their baby girls home from an agonising eight weeks in hospital, just in time for Mother's Day.

The Stanthorpe Border Post caught up with the family at their Summit Heart Markets at the weekend to see how the girls were going 12 months on.

"Last Mother's Day was pretty special for us," Isabella said.

"It was our first Mother's Day, so even though it mightn't have been very traditional we didn't have anything else to compare it to so it was still ours."

Their twin girls Sophia and Aria were born two months premature in April last year so after months of travelling back and forth between the hospital and home, and caring for their children in a hospital ward, Sam and Isabella were able to bring the girls home the day before Mother's Day last year.

"It's hard being away for two months because you don't have any of your normal life, you're just thrown into this hospital setting," Isabella said.

This Mother's Day, the 13 month old girls were up and about and as mum and dad got on with their running their business Bridget Bunchy and the Summit Heart Markets on Saturday.

"They've hit every milestone since coming home, they're just happy, healthy chuckling babies," Isabella said.

Though running their shop with two twins isn't easy, the proud mum said opening was a lifestyle decision.

"We opened just before we went into hospital but had to close for quite a while - we came back to it though because wanted to be around for the girls growing up," Isabella said.

"It's a two-man team - Sam helps me to take care of the girls and run the shop."

Isabella said the markets held on Saturday were all about "reviving the community".

"We want to showcase the local talent here at The Summit," she said.

"The response to our store which stocks 25 local artists has been really good."

After coming to Stanthorpe a number of years ago to visit family for Christmas, Sam and Isabella decided to settle at The Summit.

"This is our home now, we want to get involved in our community and do something fun, something a little bit different," she said.

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