Stanthorpe Vet Care's Kirstin Widderick.
Stanthorpe Vet Care's Kirstin Widderick.

Business lauded for drastic water cull

AT a time when water conservation has become paramount, some are achieving better than others.

One business has managed to decrease their consumption by close to 80 per cent, which has led them to be lauded by Southern Downs Regional Council.

Stanthorpe Vet Care’s Kirstin Widderick said the recognition came as a surprise, despite having implemented some simple steps to reduce the precious resource.

“A 77 per cent reduction in our daily water consumption between March and October last year,” Ms Widderick said.

“We were surprised. We didn’t know we’d reduced it that much.

“I didn’t even know they (council) were doing anything with regard to monitoring but we’d been getting proactive already.”

Their largest consumption isn’t actually employees, but their furry patients.

After some discussion, they were able to come up with some water-saving ideas.

“We use a lot of hot water bottles with keeping our patients warm,” Ms Widderick said.

“We used to probably stand there waiting for the water to be warm which is not ideal.

“Now we’ll boil a kettle and add some cold water and then once used we’ll tip them into a bucket and the dog and cat bowls as well and that bucket can get recycled.

“The other thing that’s helpful is we have a tank and the small bits of rain we have got we’ve managed the tank quite well.”

When the tank got low they stopped offering pet baths.

“Like most people now, you’re actually thinking about what’s coming out of your taps.”

Evidently, council’s keeping a close eye on usage, with 109 compliance notices and 16 fines issued to date.

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