OPINION: Budget leaks only reveal the good things

ANOTHER federal budget and another week of budget leaks as the government tries to deflect as much criticism as it can before delivering the bad news.

Make no mistake about it, Hockey's lads are desperate to expand the GST and while a blatant increase would sign their political death warrant they will be hitting a few items previously exempt.

Just what and how many are the big questions.

There have been so many leaks about what's going to be announced on Tuesday night we probably don't need a speech to tell us all the facts.

The concern we should all have is what has been filtered to the media so far is mostly information the majority will welcome.

The needy pensioners to get more, struggling families to be handed extra for child care and small businesses to receive a small tax break are all winners for the government.

The cuts that will fund these will be in the small print and like all governments they will be hoping that these receive little publicity.

We are all for tax evaders getting caught and no one except the rich really care if they are asked to pay more.

The big issue will centre on any planned superannuation changes as the Baby Boomers start getting ready to say goodbye to work forever.

They are the most powerful voting lobby in Australia today and the government needs to tread carefully if they plan to stay in power.

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