Stanthorpe has received its first frost of 2019.
Stanthorpe has received its first frost of 2019. File

Brrr! Zero temps hit Stanthorpe overnight

THE first frost of the season might have arrived but weather watchers shouldn't get excited.

There was no minus according to the Bureau of Meteorology.

Overnight temperatures clocked in at exactly 0.0 in Stanthorpe on Sunday, rising to 0.2 at Applethorpe while, by comparison, Warwick enjoyed a balmy two degrees.

While no negative figures were recorded, it was still a chilly start for anyone who had to work on the Labour Day holiday and early-morning runners and dog-walkers were notably absent from the streets.

Relief was in sight though, with calm blue skies and a top temperature of 20 degrees later in the day.

Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Annabelle Ford said nowhere in the state was colder.

She said if there was ever a competition, it was only between Stanthorpe and Applethorpe.

Ms Ford said all the criteria for a frost, of clear skies and relatively dry conditions, were in place on Sunday night.

Frost watchers should prepare for Thursday morning, when an overnight temperature of three is predicted.

Friday will be a bit warmer while a cold burst over the weekend will possibly bring temperatures into the minus range.

Temperatures of up to four can still lead to a frost because readings are taken one metre above ground and so do not show precise temperatures in every location.

Stanthorpe residents delighted in the change of seasons, sharing pictures and experiences of the cold snap on our Facebook page.

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