Brekky Wrap: Is Palmer melting down in Queensland?

TUESDAYS are tough for everyone, but spare a thought for Clive Palmer whose Queensland party has suddenly fractured, leaving his Parliamentary team split in half.

His leader Dr Alex Douglas has quit, accusing Palmer of having a "jobs for the boys" culture when choosing candidates to take on the LNP at next year's Queensland election.

From one eccentric to another, we go to bizarre tales from Michael Jackson's Neverland ranch, where maids of the later superstar singer tell of him "throwing doo-doo snowballs".

This is your Brekky Wrap:


Clive Palmer loses its leader in Queensland Parliament, throwing the party into chaos
Clive Palmer loses its leader in Queensland Parliament, throwing the party into chaos AAP

This will be a catastrophe for the party: PUP leader quits

The party's state leader, Alex Douglas, who quit yesterday declaring he could not support a "jobs for the boys" culture, said an announcement had been planned for 4pm.

"He (Clive Palmer) would not talk to me about it,'' Mr Douglas said. "He would not discuss it. I was supposed to tick it off and I wouldn't. He even tried to stare me down.

"This is just so ridiculous. We all deserve something better. We've had the nonsense of Campbell Newman. People are sick of it and want something better.

"This will be a catastrophe for the party. Maybe it will wake him (Palmer) up.''


Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson 'lived in filth' at Neverland ranch

MICHAEL Jackson's picturesque Neverland Ranch was a world away from the fairy-tale ideal his fans believed it to be.

At least according to five of the King of Pop's former maids, who described the singer as "the dirtiest, most unsanitary person in Hollywood" who lived in a house of filth and urinated on the floor.

"Michael sometimes ran around where the animals were, and he'd track... Poop throughout the house and think nothing of it," one maid said.

"Then, if you said something, he'd threaten to make doo-doo snowballs and throw it at you."


Scrap metal pipe was a bomb waiting to explode

TWO men accused of making more than a kilogram of explosives that maimed an Ipswich teenager last year may face new charges following an explosion that injured a woman in Flinders View at the weekend.

A woman sustained shrapnel injuries to her leg on Sunday when the end of a PVC pipe containing residual amounts of an explosive powder exploded when it fell over.


Forensic clues used in indecent assault manhunt

FORENSIC evidence is being examined as part of the search for a man who indecently assaulted a 15-year-old girl in a Newtown park.

Police hope a distinctive comfit image will help people recognise the man for whom they are looking.

Darling Downs district officer Detective Acting Inspector Paul Hart said police were appealing for information from the public.


CCTV shows horror of a pram landing on Tube tracks

POLICE  have released CCTV images showing the moment a child in a buggy on a London Underground platform was blown onto the track by a gust of wind.

Described by officers as a "frightening" and "near-fatal" incident, the child had been left at the bottom of some stairs while a man presumed to be its father went to help other family members.

The buggy can then be seen to be caught up in a gust of wind coming through the tunnel - forcing it away from the stairs and onto the track moments after the departure of a train.


Warriena "Rrie" Tagpuno Wright

'Sick and frightening scream' before balcony death

POLICE have confirmed screams and raised voices were heard only moments before a young Kiwi woman plunged 14 storeys to her death from a Gold Coast balcony - and a fellow New Zealander could hold vital information.

Investigators said they were looking into a "disturbance" at the Avalon apartments unit in Surfers Paradise, where Warriena "Rrie" Wright, 26, fell from a balcony.

The Lower Hutt woman, who was on the Gold Coast for a wedding, had been at the apartment with Gable Tostee, 28, whom she had met through the dating app Tinder.

Mr Tostee was interviewed by police and has been released without charge.


Low speed chase: man helps cops catch drunken forklift thief

A MODANVILLE man involved in the low speed pursuit of a forklift, allegedly stolen by a drunken disqualified Nimbin man, has helped police catch the culprit.

Chris Ruane was visiting a mate on Sunday afternoon, when he heard an almighty bang and saw Lismore Tractor and Machinery Centre owner Trent Martin's forklift being driven along the road.

"I knew it was Trent's forklift, but I knew it wasn't one of his blokes driving it, and it had just crashed through the front gates," he said.

"So I jumped in the car and started following him slowly and called the police."


FAN BOYS: From left, Ciccetti head chef Enrico Semenzato, Marco Zorzi, Claudio Saini, and (right) sous chef Carlo Magnabosco with celebrated chef Heston Blumenthal (second from right).
FAN BOYS: From left, Ciccetti head chef Enrico Semenzato, Marco Zorzi, Claudio Saini, and (right) sous chef Carlo Magnabosco with celebrated chef Heston Blumenthal (second from right). Contributed

No pressure - the world's top chef just dropped in for meal

A BYRON Bay restaurant owner was star struck on Saturday when arguably the world's best chef, Heston Blumenthal, casually strolled in with a friend for a meal.

Cicchetti general manager and part owner Luca Giacomin said the British gastronomical genius was the restaurant's first customer for Saturday dinner.

"He just walked in; he was our first customer at about 5.30pm, him and a lady who I have seen around Byron Bay," he said.

"One of my waiters said: 'look, I think that's Heston'."

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