Sometimes love isn't enough to keep a good thing going

No-one knows who he is but The Observer has a man on the ground in Gladstone sniffing out stories of love, lust and everything in between.

TIME stopped that night, while Carrie and I held each other. No longer as a couple but as two single people trying to understand "what went wrong".

Why can't things work out? We had all the right ingredients but our paths led in two different directions. Sometimes, love isn't enough.

A truth you only learn when you get older. We were separating because she would be moving soon and I would have to stay.

It's hard to make that emotional gamble when there is an end in sight. It leaves you with two options: pain now or more pain later. We went with pain now.

It's these break-ups that are the hardest to swallow. We all have our different ways of coping. 

Mine was to keep busy. Tell people I was fine. I don't like to talk about my problems, it's not my style. Most men don't.

Carrie's way was to distance herself from me completely. An out of sight, out of mind approach. This hasn't been easy but it has helped for the most part.

Late at night, there have been times when I wanted to hear from her, wondered how she is and had to stop myself from messaging her.

I tell myself, leave her be. She will be fine in time. We both will.

Sometimes there isn't a right answer. You're left with options that come with their share of regrets and then you take the lesser evil.

In the end, I realise people are doing this all over the world. We are not alone. This isn't my first break-up.

I won't bother telling myself the lies, that I won't meet anyone else. That I don't need anyone.

Instead, I will allow myself this emotional breather. A hiatus on both pain and love. Focus on work.

And one day, I will wake up and the feeling of loneliness will have died and be replaced by that need to find someone on the same path as me. Life goes on.

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