Boy 'dealt with' for bashing

A JUVENILE troublemaker has been dealt with after bashing a Warwick man last fortnight, the same night as going on a vandal spree of five businesses and properties.

It is believed the 15-year-old Warwick boy attacked the man, who is due to serve in Afghanistan in a matter of weeks, when he was sitting in his parked car on Percy St near Palmerin St.

Rumours have been flying that the soldier was king hit and was attacked by a gang of up to 15, but this was unconfirmed by Warwick police officer in charge Senior Sergeant Stewart Day.

Snr Sgt Day said the teen was officially cautioned and "dealt with under the juvenile justice act" in relation to common assault and wilful damage.

That evening's crime spree is still a hot topic, with some Rose City residents calling for more security cameras to help quell disruptive behaviour.

On a more positive note, police have praised all involved in the weekend's Supa IGA cricket carnival, saying behaviour was excellent.

"People did enjoy themselves, and there were perhaps a few sore heads around the weekend, but there were no incidents, good order offences or assaults," Snr Sgt Day said.

"Everyone seemed to have a good time and behaved within acceptable circumstances."

Snr Sgt Day said active patrols caught a couple of drink drivers, but none of these appeared to be related to anyone involved in the cricket carnival.

He asked all to remain on sensible this Australia Day and long weekend.

"We'll be out and about with traffic enforcement and in licensed premises areas," Snr Sgt Day said.

"We're urging all motorists to drive safely and if they're going to the dam, to behave appropriately."

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