UPDATE: Police detail 'opportunistic' Stockland stabbing

UPDATE MONDAY: Police have released more information regarding a stabbing and attempted robbery which took place at Stockland Shopping Centre on Friday night.

A 16-year-old boy was taken into custody as a result and will face the Rockhampton Children's Court today.

Just after 10pm, two youths allegedly approached a 21-year-old female and a 16-year-old female, sitting outside Stockland Shopping Centre in North Rockhampton.
Police allege the pair asked for cigarettes before demanding the 16-year-old's phone.
The phone was snatched by one of the alleged offenders and then snatched back by the 21-year-old female who was then stabbed.
The 16-year-old allegedly demanded the phone before stabbing the 21-year-old for a second time.   
The 21-year-old required stitches for the wounds Detective Senior Sergeant Luke Peachey described as "significant" and "serious".
On Saturday afternoon, police arrested the 16-year-old in Norman gardens at a Kelman Street address.
He was charged with one count each of attempted stealing, wounding and armed robbery. 
"They were just sitting out the side of the shopping centre, minding their own business when they were approached by these two males, and the fact that one of these male persons has used a knife … its very, very concerning," Det Peachey said. 
Only one of the alleged was charged for the attack but Det Peachey said "we have our suspicions" in relation to the suspected accomplice.
He would not comment on whether the shopping centre had become a problem area for youth crime, but assured police work would continue in hopes to stamp out similar offences in the area.
"(It's) concerning that a young person has been carrying a knife around that area and we will work closely with Stockland and their security around there to try and stamp out this kind of antisocial behaviour," Det Peachey said.
This marks the second assault from a young alleged offender in 2020 at the Stockland Shopping Centre. 

INITIAL SATURDAY: A WOMAN was allegedly stabbed in the leg during an attempted robbery at the Stockland Rockhampton complex on Friday night.

On Sunday police said a 16-year-old boy was in custody and had been charged over the incident which happened about 10pm on Friday.

It will be alleged the boy approached two females, aged 21 and 16, and attempted to grab the former's phone.

Police said it would be alleged a tussle took place and the boy threatened the older female before stabbing her in the leg with an object.

Police said the victim suffered a small wound and was treated on scene by ambulance officers before being taken to Rockhampton Hospital.

The offender fled the scene and subsequent police investigations led to the arrest of the 16-year-old.

Police were unable to confirm the exact location of the incident.

It was not known whether the accused knew the victim.

The boy was charged with wounding, attempted robbery and attempted stealing.

He is due to appear in Rockhampton Children's Court on Monday.

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