‘Borg set to cure doctor shortage

AS PREMIER Campbell Newman crowned member for Southern Downs Lawrence Springborg with the health minister hat, Warwick residents may have breathed a slight sigh of hope.

With the current doctor shortage causing puffs of steam across the region, having our local member in the health minister position should surely have its benefits.

Mr Springborg said as minister he planned to tackle the issue head-on.

"The concern people have for their own personal health and that of their family is such a major issue and people need to be aware that steps are being taken to try and address the issue," Mr Springborg said.

"We will try to keep the Warwick Medical Centre open and improve the number of doctors.

"The government can probably try to help out to ensure we clear the way of any bureaucratic hurdles of bringing people to the area."

He said he was confident the issue could be resolved.

"We will find a solution to this issue within the community," Mr Springborg said.

"It might not happen in the next few weeks, it may take little longer."

If the Warwick Medical Centre was to remain open, Condamine Medical Centre chairman Dr Lynton Hudson said the crisis would be "pretty much" resolved.

He said the hunt was on for more doctors, but recruitment was a timely process.

"The real crisis has been because of they're (Warwick Medical Centre) impending closure," Dr Hudson said.

"We are looking for more doctors and looking into where we can go.

"You can't just get a doctor off the shelf, it takes time," he said.

Dr Hudson said there was minor interest from doctors, but only time would tell.

"We have a few showing interest but for them to extract themselves from where they currently are, will take time," he said.

"The fact they have prior commitments, that's not necessarily a bad thing because it's the standard we're looking for."

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