Book review: The Eternity Cure

BOOK: The Eternity Cure
AUTHOR: Julie Kagawa
PUBLISHER: Harlequin Teen
RRP: $16.99

NEW vampire Allison has died so she can live. She's been cast out of Eden and must stop seeing the boy she dared to love.

It isn't fair, but Allison must follow her true calling.

She is a warrior who must find a way to heal her creator Kanin and save him from a psychotic vampire Sarren who is out to turn Kanin to dust.

As she follows Sarren's trail of destruction back to her birth place of New Covington it is here where old scores and new alliances will be settled.

A disease rages across the planet wiping out humans and vampires alike with the only known cure a secret that only Kanin can share but he is fading fast.

Twilight meets the Lord of the Rings in The Eternity Cure, the sequel to author Julie Kagawa's The Immortal Rules and the second in her post-apocalyptic series Blood of Eden.

The quest for immortality is the goal in The Eternity Cure, a new take on vampires, which examines what it means to be human and a monster, and is an exciting paranormal read.

This book is a spine chilling adventure for readers who love adventure with a little more bite.

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